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DevOps operations

You want a guarantee that your infrastructure will always be available?

Looking for ways to accelerate the implementation of new functionalities and release processes? We are here to support you with end-to-end DevOps support.

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24/7 DevOps support

Years of experience working with companies of all sizes have taught us that the most important thing for DevOps support is collaboration. That's why our focus is not on hours of engineering, but on providing continuous and professional support. Cooperation with us will allow you to:

  • ensure business continuity, security, reliability and stability of your infrastructure and services with 24/7 monitoring and support
  • empower your dev team with the knowledge, experience, and capabilities they need to effectively manage cloud infrastructure, delivery pipelines, and operations
  • reduce operational burden and take advantage of automation possibilities to improve processes.

How we can help you

By working closely with your developers and DevOps engineers, we help you realize and improve activities for which your dev teams do not have enough time or capacity. Our DevOps services, tailored to the needs of each individual client, cover all aspects of operational support, from infrastructure management and 24/7 monitoring to automation.

Incident monitoring, reaction and prevention

  • 24/7 monitoring of cloud infrastructure and apps
  • Proactive inspection of low-priority incidents
  • Reaction to critical ad-hoc incidents
  • Documenting incidents and defining procedures that will ensure that similar problems do not recur.

Cloud infrastructure and pipeline management

  • Maintenance of the entire cloud infrastructure
  • Continuous improvements of infrastructure and processes
  • Support for fixing problems in existing pipelines

Project-based activities

  • Implementation of CI/CD pipelines for new applicative functionalities and micro-services
  • Implementation of new functionalities for automation in accordance with project needs
  • Implementation of new Azure and AWS services.
  • Other activities in agreement with the client

Our approach

Onboarding and transfer of knowledge

Our DevOps consultants and engineers will analyze the architecture of your cloud environment, the existing deployment processes, requirements and objectives in order to provide you with detailed recommendations for improvements.

Continuous support

In addition to 24/7 monitoring and technical support, Mainstream DevOps experts are here to advise you, ensure the security and high availability of your cloud infrastructure, help you manage CI/CD processes and apply the best DevOps practices.

Your reliable DevOps partner

Each project involves the engagement of an assigned DevOps team, which proactively communicates with the client's development team and is available for planned as well as urgent activities.

Technologies and Tools


Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure


Jenkins X, Tekton, Travis, Code Pipeline


Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm, LXC

Code version control

Git, Github, Bitbucket


Terraform, Ansimble

Monitoring and logging

Prometheus, Loki, Grafana, CloudWatch, Nagios

Our certificates

Meet Our Expert

Rastko Vasiljević

Public Cloud Team Lead

Rastko is a certified Linux system engineer with over 15 years of IT experience. With deep knowledge of a wide range of cloud technologies, with a focus on Azure, AWS and GCP platforms, as well as the latest DevOps practices, together with the public cloud team, he solves a wide variety of client challenges, from optimizing cloud costs through improving system security to solving all current problems.

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