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Harness the benefits of public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud for your business.

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Cloud Strategy

Integration with various cloud platforms.

Efficient Migration

Secure transition to public cloud in the shortest time possible.

Security Solutions

Cloud backup and DR solution for a secure IT environment.

Management and Maintenance

24/7 monitoring and proactive support.

Cost Optimization

Cloud resources tailored to your needs.

Business Continuity

Secure IT infrastructure for uninterrupted operations.

Boost the efficiency of your business by relying on our public cloud services.

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Public Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services Cloud Management

Rely on the highest level of support in managing your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Focus on innovative projects crucial to your business, while our experienced and certified team takes care of IT infrastructure responsibilities.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Management

Achieve peak performance on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform with the support of our expert team. Let your IT team concentrate on business-critical projects while entrusting the care of Azure infrastructure to our Azure specialists.

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Google Cloud Management

Delegate the management and maintenance of your Google Cloud platform to our certified team. We provide advanced service built on years of experience and expertise, with a complete focus on client needs across industries.

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Why Mainstream?

  • Expertise
  • Security and Support
  • Tailor-made Solutions


Years of experience providing public cloud services on AWS, Azure, and Google platforms.

Our expert teams support you throughout the entire public cloud process, from migration to maintenance, improving the overall IT system. We also define and implement multicloud strategies and solutions to maximize satisfaction of your business needs.

  • Over 40 executed public cloud projects in Serbia and abroad.
  • Experienced professionals certified to manage AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platforms.

Security and Support

Our team consistently works on monitoring and maintaining the security of your AWS, Azure, and Google infrastructure.

Additionally, we offer complete compliance by creating a solution aligned with your corporate and security policies. To ensure the highest level of security, we can provide you with a cloud backup and disaster recovery solution.

  • 24/7 expert support and advice
  • Business liability insurance

Tailor-made Solutions

All public cloud services, regardless of the platform, are provided in a way that, with optimal investments, maximally satisfies your business needs.

Our goal is to identify your requirements and efficiently implement a solution that, in terms of performance and security, allows your IT team to focus unburdened on new projects.

  • Individual approach to each client
  • Dedication to understanding business and IT goals

Consult our expert

Nikola Marković

Public Cloud director

Nikola is a successful entrepreneur and IT expert with over 20 years of experience. With a client-centric focus, he is responsible for developing the public cloud portfolio, DevOps, and 24x7 managed services tailored to the unique needs of domestic and international companies. As a certified AWS and Google Cloud expert, Nikola continually works on uncovering new business opportunities for companies of all sizes, from startups to corporations, utilizing cloud technologies.

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