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Ensure faster development of your software solutions and cost reduction, with complete process automation in the cloud.

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Some of key advantages of DevOps approach for your operations


Agile and predictable scaling of infrastructure drastically contributes to efficiency and optimization of your ROI.

Continuity and savings

Disaster recovery, data storage and uptime management are faster, more efficient and more cost-effective thanks to automation and CI/CD practices.


An expert approach guarantees the integration of the best security practices into your infrastructure, with the help of numerous tools and protocols provided by the cloud.

Step into the world of DevOps

Support from experienced experts

If you are considering or have started adopting the DevOps culture, keep in mind the complexity of this approach, which can bring real challenges to productivity and team alignment. Professional DevOps services provide the necessary education and support, with which the transition to the world of good DevOps practices will be simpler and more efficient.

Experienced DevOps engineers at Mainstream have years of experience with clients whose solutions are used in different industries and markets. Provide the expert access necessary for faster development and simpler maintenance of software or applications.

DevOps in practice

Results of the "State of DevOps Report" survey


faster recovery

from unforeseen failures


less time spent on

unplanned activities


less time

for resolving security issues

Why Mainstream?

Experience and expertise

Our cloud-native experts have years of diverse experience on various DevOps projects. From automation to DevOps support and containerization, Mainstream engineers have successfully implemented projects on AWS, Azure, Google and Mainstream platforms.

Custom-made solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all model. To meet and exceed the goals of your software or application, a completely individual approach based on broad DevOps expertise is necessary. In accordance with the life cycle of your product, specifics of the industry and market requirements, we work together with you on the most functional way to achieve the set KPIs. Whether you need a complete DevOps team or experts in specific domains of cloud technologies, Mainstream has the expertise and experience necessary for a perfectly executed project.

Comprehensive support

Mainstream DevOps team is a team you can count on from the initial assessment, through implementation and maintenance to constant optimization. Our experts take care of your CI/CD pipeline, DevOps processes and security so that your software development cycle runs smoothly and you can focus on code quality.

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Our approach

Estimate and offer

Contact us for a free consultation and offer for DevOps services. Our experts will learn about your business challenges and needs in detail, based on which they can offer you the best possible solution for your DevOps framework.

Preparation and onboarding

Our team will organize a series of workshops for the analysis of existing infrastructure, work and development cycles, release management and pipeline, as well as your business needs. Together, we come up with the ideal DevOps path that will transform your environment into an agile cloud software development environment.


After strategy mapping comes the implementation of the best DevOps practices, tools and processes that will enable smooth development of products and solutions and better code quality. We implement all solutions keeping in mind your ambitions for further progress and work together with you on optimization and adaptation of selected practices.

Proactive support

A simpler, safer and more efficient lifecycle of your software solution is our job. Mainstream expert support is there to provide high availability of services, continuous processes and cost optimization. We are not reactive but proactive, which is why we will react quickly if obstacles arise in the flawless functioning that you deserve.

Consult our DevOps expert

Rastko Vasiljević

Public Cloud Team Lead

Rastko is a certified Linux system engineer with over 15 years of IT experience. With deep knowledge of a wide range of cloud technologies, with a focus on Azure, AWS and GCP platforms, as well as the latest DevOps practices, together with the public cloud team, he solves a wide variety of client challenges, from optimizing cloud costs through improving system security to solving all current problems.

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