Do you want to simplify the management of containerized applications and timely de-tect and mitigate their vulnerabilities?

We are here to help you with expertise in installation, configuration and maintenance of Kubernetes clusters on all cloud platforms.

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What is Kubernetes?

Transition from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture for your de-velopment teams means a higher degree of flexibility, but also complexity. When a complex application is broken down into small, independent parts, challenges arise:

  • predictions and optimizations of computing resources that will be required by each service
  • scaling of resources according to new requirements
  • their mutual communication
  • daily management of applications

Kubernetes helps organizations overcome these challenges through the automation of operational tasks, built-in commands for self-healing, scaling, monitoring, notifying in case of operational anomalies and deploying new versions of applications.

How can we help you

Expertise eliminates complexity

Whether it's a single cluster or multi-cluster setup, the installation and configuration of Kubernetes and additional tools used with Kubernetes require specialized knowledge. As an extension of your development team, our experienced experts will enable you to overcome complexity and leverage all the possibilities of this technology.

Efficient delivery pipeline

Mainstream engineers will help you modernize and automate the provisioning of clus-ters and the way applications are deployed in accordance with the best CI/CD and DevSecOps transparency and security practices.

Multi-cloud deployment

Depending on your needs, we can help you create and configure a Kubernetes cluster on various cloud platforms and thereby enhance flexibility and avoid vendor lock-in.

The tools we use

Our certifications

Meet the Mainstream expert

Marko Uskoković

System Architect

Marko has over 15 years of experience in the administration of Linux systems, virtualization platforms and databases. He has gained an analytical approach to solving problems and a vast experience working in the computing center of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. In Mainstream, he participated in designing the Managed Web Hosting System and the implementation of more than 1,000 Linux servers.

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  • Why do I need Kubernetes?

    Microservice architecture involves a large number (sometimes thousands) of containers located on different infrastructure. Deployment, management, connecting, updating and monitoring containers not only require extensive engagement of IT resources, but also shorten the time to market for applications.


    Kubernetes includes built-in commands for execution of these processes, enabling companies to build and deploy various applications more quickly, scale them, monitor their operation, automatically respond to defects and manage their lifecycle.

  • When not to use Kubernetes?

    It’s advised not to use Kubernetes if your application solution is relatively simple, you have no need for scalability, nor do you plan to update your monolithic application.

  • Are there alternatives to Kubernetes?

    Although Kubernetes is the most prevalent and efficient technology for container orchestra-tion, there are alternatives. One of them is Docker Swarm, which is simpler to install but of-fers fewer functionalities, as well as a lower level of automation than Kubernetes. If you need help with this tool, you can contact us.

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