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DevOps implementation

Speed up the innovation and reduce the delivery time of new services with Mainstream support for implementing DevOps processes in the cloud or support for the implementation OF DevOps processes in the cloud.

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The proactive DevOps partner

Since 2005, we have been collaborating with companies from a wide variety of industries which we provide support for the implementation of end-to-end delivery pipelines, creation and management of modern cloud infrastructure, automation, monitoring and optimization. Our DevOps long experience doesn’t mean that we stick to old technologies and principles. Instead, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge and competencies to help our clients stay one step ahead of the competition in software delivery.

  • 200+ engineers with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud certifications
  • Infrastructure as Code approach
  • Deep knowledge of Terraform, Kubernetes and OpenShift technologies

Full support for DevOps implementation

Analysis and planning

Our consultants will analyze your applications, infrastructure and processes to detect potential organizational silos, key performance indicators and opportunities for improvement. Based on this data, we will create a DevOps roadmap to achieve the desired results.

Modern infrastructure and delivery pipeline

In collaboration with your development teams, we will design and implement the infrastructure for hosting your applications in the cloud with a focus on specific development and production requirements, and create a delivery pipeline in accordance with the latest DevOps practices.

Operations and reporting

Our motto is "continuous everything". We are here to support you in all phases of a DevOps operation, from continuous improvements to capacity and cost optimization to monitoring, analytics and resolving ad-hoc issues.

Tehnologies and tools


Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure


Jenikins X, Tekton, Travis, Code Pipeline


Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm, LXC

Code version control

Git, Github, Bitbucket


Terraform, Ansimble

Monitoring and logging

Prometheus, Loki, Grafana, CloudWatch, Nagios

Our certifications

4 pillars of DevOps success



CI/CD pipeline

Primena najboljih CI/CD praksi je ključna za održavanje produktivnosti inženjerskih timova i bržu isporuku novih funkcionalnosti. Naši DevOps eksperti pomoći će vam da automatizujete repetativne zadatke, uključujući build, test i deploy, omogućite pravovremeno otkrivanje bagova i unapredite svoje development procese.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) omogućava development i operations timovima da automatizuju provizionisanje, deployment i upravljanje infrastrukturnim resursima. Mainstream eksperti će vam pomoći da ga primenite uz korišćenje vodećeg IaC alata, Terraforma.


Mikroservisi donose niz prednosti: brži razvoj, jednostavniju implementaciju izmena i novih funkcionalnosti i automatizaciju kroz DevOps i DevSecOps tehnologije. Uz iskustvo rada na raznovrsnim projektima modernizacije aplikacija, tu smo vas podržimo u procesu tranzicije sa monolitne na mikroservisnu arhitekturu.


Pored automatizacije zadataka, DevOps orkestracija optimizuje procese za brži deployment. Naš pristup orkestraciji zasniva se na korišćenju dokazanih alata, kao što je Kubernetes, kao i detaljnoj analizi vaših sistema, procesa i izazova prilikom puštanja softvera u produkciju.

Meet the Mainstream expert

Boris Vezmar

AWS Team Lead

Boris is a public cloud expert with over 15 years of experience in the IT sector. He has over 25 AWS projects behind him, including migration and system architecture projects for international clients. His primary areas of interest are automation and DevOps practices. Its technological competencies, which he is constantly expanding, include Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, Ansimble, Linux, Web Server, SCM, CI/CD and other modern tools.

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