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Mainstream Banking Cloud

Migrate and modernize your IT infrastructure and banking applications on a cloud environment that guarantees high availability, advanced performance and business data protection.

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Cloud tailored to the needs of the financial sector

There are specific challenges for the Financial Services Industry (FSI) when adopting cloud technologies: data security, compliance with regulations and standards, and the complexity of modernizing legacy banking systems. Our cloud platform solves these challenges with:

  • guaranteed availability of data in an internally isolated system
  • the ability to host locally and establish a DR location over a significant distance or even in another country
  • modern, scalable IT infrastructure for hosting core banking applications.

Regional network of data centers

Our ecosystem of data centers enables clients from the banking sector to host their IT infrastructure and applications in Serbia, as well as in five countries of the European Union.

8+ Tier 3

data centers

99.99 %


ISO 27001


Why Mainstream Banking Cloud?

Guaranteed availability

Our platform is designed to host complex banking systems with 99.99% guaranteed availability in application infrastructures.


With a scalable architecture, platform provides flexibility in the utilization and upgrade of IT resources for optimal performance of core banking and other applications.


In addition to the latest hardware and software infrastructure, Mainstream Banking Cloud supports microservice architecture and Infrastructure-as-Code approach for process automation and standardization.

Expert management

Mainstream cloud experts continuously work on optimizing and improving the functionality of the Banking Cloud platform, maintaining security and compliance with industrial and market regulations.

Do you want to accelerate the transformation of your bank in a reliable cloud environment?

Operational support for the management of banking applications and operations

With knowledge of the FSI process and expertise in deployment, monitoring, performance optimization and troubleshooting of applications used in banking operations, such as core banking, Internet banking, mobile banking, instant payment and card management systems, other digital payment channels, DMS and others, Mainstream helps clients ensure the continuity of daily operations and an smooth user experience. Also, we can provide you with support in the field of management, governance and security services.

Our clients

Meet our expert

Goran Milošević

Banking Cloud Director

Goran is an expert with over 27 years of IT experience during which he worked his way up from and engineer and presales consultant to manager of large teams. In the past period, he was engaged in the project of transforming the core banking system for one of the leading banks in Serbia, where he provided strategic leadership to the Mainstream Banking team as a Program Manager.

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