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Mainstream Cloud Files

Protect your business data without purchase and management costs of storage systems with our reliable, pay-as-you-go enterprise storage service.

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Would you like lower storage costs?

The Mainstream Cloud Files service allows you to rent storage space within our data centers and eliminate the cost of purchasing data storage systems. With the Mainstream Cloud Files service, you get all the functionalities of enterprise storage, such as high availability and advanced data protection, with an additional benefit of scalable storage resources and predictable costs.

Mainstream Cloud Files functionalities

  • Managed storage with self-service option
  • Enterprise-level technology-based storage service including advanced NetApp storage functionalities
  • Local hosting in Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Greece
  • Ability to quickly and easily scale storage resources according to the needs
  • Support for various protocols: SMB, NFSv3/NFSv4.1, dual-protocol volumes, NFS connect and SMB multichannel

24/7 data availability

As part of the Mainstream Cloud Files service, our experts take full responsibility for storage management. In this way, not only do you relieve your internal IT teams, who can focus on strategic tasks such as application management, but you also get a guarantee that your data will be available 24/7/365 days a year with expert management and advanced backup, and restore functionalities:

  • NetApp snapshot copies
  • Storage replication in a secondary data center in the region
  • Customized security settings
  • Simple file-level restores

The ideal solution for companies that want to:

Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of IT infrastructure

Replicate data between NetApp file systems

Ensure high data availability and business continuity

Launch demanding Linux and Windows file workloads in the cloud

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