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data centers

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Regional ecosystem of data centers

Our network of data centers in Southeast Europe provides the flexibility of choosing a host-ing location to run the most critical systems and applications.

Data centers

Advanced cloud platform

Mainstream Cloud infrastructure allows companies to replace the traditional data center with a flexible and scalable environment, based on VMware virtualization.

  • Platform built on VMware architecture
  • Isolated resources for each user, with policy-driven access to computer resources, networks and security
  • Integration with industry-leading automation tools
  • End-to-end monitoring of resources and customized reporting on the user's environment

Verified technologies and standards

Our technical platform has been developed using the latest technologies from the world's leading hardware and software manufacturers, such as VMware, Cisco, Citrix, NetApp, Fu-jitsu, and DELL, in compliance with ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards.

Focus on safety

Data encryption

Workload encryption

Disaster Recovery

replication between data center locations

Public cloud partnerships


As a long-standing Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, we combine a thorough knowledge of AWS infrastructure and experience in providing support for public, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud migration and management.

  • Implementation of a well-architected framework for the construction of AWS infrastructure
  • Providing support for migration of on-premise infrastructure and applications to the AWS cloud
  • Complete management of AWS infrastructure
  • Optimization of performance and costs.


We provide our clients with specialized Microsoft Azure expertise and services that encompass the complete lifecycle of the Azure infrastructure.

  • Architecture and implementation of an environment for workload transformation on Azure
  • Continuous support for monitoring, incident management, reporting and change management
  • Improving infrastructure and processes through automation
  • Monitoring and optimization of Azure costs in real time.

Google Cloud

Our deep knowledge of Google Cloud infrastructure and 24×7 managed services help companies put one of the leading public cloud platforms in the service of their business.

  • Support for architecture and design of a customized Google Cloud environment
  • Implementation with focus on workload and data center transformation
  • Continuous support for Google Cloud management
  • Cost monitoring and optimization in Google Cloud.

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