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Managed file transfer

Efficient and safe exchange of digital systems between heterogenic internal systems, and with external partners, is the key element of business operations. Learn how to secure it with Mainstream support.

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Why is it time to modernize file transfer?

Traditional file transfer solutions cannot respond to the challenge of enterprise-level demands for automatized and safe data transfer. The results are:

Safety risks

including the possibility of data being compromised or leaked.

Lack of control

over file transfer processes, and transfer process logging.

The possibility of errors

arising from manual file exchange processes.

What is Managed file transfer?

If your business requires regular exchange of financial data, transactions between applica-tion systems or project reports, Mainstream support for the implementation of Managed file transfer solutions will help you improve the security and reliability of these processes.

  • Open source managed file transfer
  • Secure data exchange between different systems
  • Platform-independent solution

Key advantages:

  • Simple application without the need to create new scenarios for defining the transfer process
  • The solution supports all leading file transfer protocols: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS. WebDAV and CIFS.
  • Advanced file transfer with functions such as: ASCII, binary file transfer and atomic transfer
  • Ability to automate complex file processing with integration with Job Scheduler
  • File transfer from server to server via virtual file interface
  • An audit trail function that enables the creation of a detailed log of all transfer characteristics.

Mainstream support

Whether your business involves exchanging complex files, large amounts of data or sensi-tive information, Mainstream consultants will work with you to help you modernize your file transfer solution.

By applying proven methodologies and enterprise-level security standards, we will help you ensure agile implementation and tight integration of the Manged File Transfer solution into your company's infrastructure - and solve even the most complex challenges in file transfer activities.

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