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Cloud reselling services

Ensure instant and constant access to your public cloud resources without unplanned costs and disruptions.

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Do you need cloud reselling services?

Public cloud technology brings nearly limitless potential to your company. However, this assumes that you have in-house resources—expertise and time—to dedicate to your public cloud account and achieve cost reductions while growing your business.

Are you facing:

  • Ambiguous bills from public cloud providers
  • Payment issues with credit cards
  • Higher costs than expected
  • Slow or inadequate support
  • Lack of in-house expertise to understand and utilize some AWS and Azure services?

If you answered yes, your use of public cloud services is ripe for a healthier foundation with a cloud reselling partner.

Benefits of Cloud Reselling Service for Your Business



More and more companies with resources on public cloud platforms are opting for cloud reselling partners who act as intermediaries between tech giants and end-users. Some of the benefits a cloud reselling partner can provide include:

Uninterrupted access

Access and use services on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Oracle platforms without interruptions

One point of contact

Faster and simpler communication through one contact point

Easy consumption insight

Consolidated invoices and monthly costs

Lower costs

Discount on services from public cloud providers

Discover the difference in using public cloud services

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Our Approach to Cloud Reselling Service

Only certified public cloud partners can offer cloud reselling. The service itself involves leasing desired services through a partner instead of directly, aiming for simpler and more efficient use of cloud platforms. Mainstream approach also includes additional support to facilitate achieving and surpassing business goals with the public cloud.


With Mainstream cloud reselling, you can count on:

Discounts for 2-year contracts

Support in maximizing your public cloud budgets

Support in creating a spending plan for transparent and predictable costs

Consultations on your spending strategy

Consult our experts

Danijela Radunović Vasiljević

Cloud Consumption Team Lead

Following the constant growth of Cloud technologies and services, Danijela is dedicated to a deep understanding of business needs and challenges that lead to an effective strategy for planning and managing consumption. With years of experience in sales, various Microsoft and AWS certifications, she provides ongoing support for tackling challenges on the Cloud journey. She is responsible for regional vendor management and partnership development. She pays special attention to FinOps operations and trends.

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Consult our experts

Nikola Marković

Public Cloud Team Lead

Nikola is a successful entrepreneur and IT expert with over 20 years of experience. With a client-centric focus, he is responsible for developing the public cloud portfolio, DevOps, and 24x7 managed services tailored to the unique needs of domestic and international companies. As a certified AWS and Google Cloud expert, Nikola continually works on uncovering new business opportunities for companies of all sizes, from startups to corporations, utilizing cloud technologies.

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