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Many factors influence the success of e-commerce websites. Some of them are directly dependent on the quality of the chosen hosting solution: availability, flexibility, speed, security.

They also impact your users’ purchase experience and the level of their satisfaction. Our system of designing and implementing the hosting service for e-commerce platforms enables the highest operational performance and maximum stability.

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The most common challenges of e-commerce hosting

By working with the largest e-commerce portals in the region, we have identified the main issues they face when it comes to hosting: inadequate hardware resources, lack of a smart load balancing, unsatisfactory DNS structure, lack of redundancy.
Two challenges particularly stand out:

  • Infrastructure that does not secure 99.99% uptime
  • Problems in communication and defining responsibilities between different teams involved in the processes

A high-availability system without a single point of failure created with a monthly uptime guarantee of 99.99% and 24/7 monitoring.

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The importance of good hosting

We are well aware of the fact that the delay of just a few seconds can significantly reduce conversions or that poor page load speed leads to cart abandonment in the e-store. Hosting is just one component that ensures the success of an e-commerce business, but it’s often the crucial one for pushing things forward.

In this context, Mainstream provides:

  • Securing 99.99% of uptime
  • Scalability in cases of maximum load
  • Secure transactions and GDPR compliance

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Our free consultation will give you a preliminary overview different ways of modernizing your IT infrastructure, so that you have a good starting point for a successful digital transformation.

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Odaberite napredni softver za e-commerce na cloudu

Rapidno rastuća e-commerce industrija zahteva sve veća unapređenja i optimizaciju, kako bi jedna online prodavnica ostala konkurentna i dostupna kupcima.

Svesni sve veće dinamike i sve više izazova e-commerce okruženja, udružili smo snage sa renomiranim kreatorima naprednih softverskih rešenja za online trgovinu i kreirali Mainstream Marketplace.
Od rešenja za praćenje stanja tržišta preko alata za prevenciju prevarnog ponašanja, na Mainstream Cloud Marketplace-u pronaći ćete odgovor za još siugrnije i efikasnije e-commerce poslovanje.
U sklopu jedinstvenog Mainstream Marketplace-a, odabrana rešenja za online trgovinu dolaze na pouzdanoj i skalabilnoj cloud infrastrukturi, koju održava ekspertski Mainstream tim.
Odaberite idealno rešenje i unapredite svoj e-commerce još danas!

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Hosting solutions for e-commerce websites

Managed hosting

Rely on the highest level of performance and availability with our full expert support and service level guarantee. We take full responsibility so that you can focus on running your business.

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Disaster recovery

Data security and data safety are the fundamentals of every successful business. Rely on a trusted solution that's tailored towards your needs and the specificities of your business operations, available through two data centers designed and built according to the Tier 3 standard.

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Rade Perić

Managed Hosting Team Lead

Rade is a Linux engineer with extensive experience in managing complex managed hosting projects. Together with his team, he works on developing and providing support to demanding enterprise clients to ensure high availability of their mission-critical systems and applications. His technological competencies include RHEL and Debian-based systems, VMware, Citrix XenServer, TCP/IP Protocol Suite, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible and many other tools.

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