Partnership for Digital Maturity Assessment

As a regional leader in the field of distribution and logistics, the company Nelt is in constant need of innovations in order to meet its customers’ needs, optimize business processes, and follow new business trends. With the goal of business improvement, the company has decided to conduct a Digital Maturity Assessment together with a reliable partner and create a plan for future projects on the path of digital transformation.


  • Finding reliable partners who will provide support through the process of digitization and digital transformation.
  • Identifying solutions and areas for improvement in line with current and future business requirements.
  • Time-saving, simple approach to daily tasks, and more advanced team and intergroup communication during the maturity analysis.


  • Defining all business processes and their analysis based on Microsoft’s digital transformation methodology.
  • Analysis of current and future needs, presentation of alternative solutions, and proposal of the optimal plan.
  • Understanding of the current technical conditions of users with an understanding of the use of the system by business units.
  • Benchmarking in relation to companies working in the same or similar industries in Europe and beyond.
  • Mainstream and Microsoft subject matter experts’ support during the analysis and creation of recommendations.


  • Analysis results of the current and target levels of the company’s digital maturity.
  • Flexibility and satisfaction of the client from technical and business points of view.
  • Plan for the system improvement in accordance with the defined technologies and business processes.
  • Plan for future solutions with more efficient collaboration and communication with existing partners and associates.

Digital Maturity Assessment for Nelt Group

Nelt Co Belgrade (Nelt) was founded in 1992 as an enterprise whose main activity was trade. Over the years, Nelt has developed into a leading company in the following areas: distribution of consumer goods, tobacco and pharmaceutical products, logistics services, and trade marketing in Serbia. As the undisputed leader in the domestic market, it is focused on expansion to foreign markets as well.

During the project activities, the Mainstream team, in collaboration with Microsoft experts, conducted a digital maturity assessment focusing on identifying digital initiatives of dual transformation as the basic paradigm on the path to customer digitization.

Based on the defined scope, the project team collected data from the client by interviewing CxO positions, whose information served as a stepping stone for defining the basis of the company’s digital maturity assessment project. After that, meetings were held with key process owners, and an analysis of the current and target levels of digital maturity was conducted.

The Project in Numbers

  • 15 workshops
  • 7 process areas (sales, logistics, customer service, finance, data analysis, IT strategy and transformation, HR)
  • 26 participants from Nelt
  • 9 consultants from Mainstream and Microsoft

About the Nelt Group Project

Nelt is a leading company in Serbia in the field of logistics and distribution, and it boasts top experts and well-developed quality management staff. In addition, Nelt Group has a Strategy and Transformation department within its organizational structure, which deals with digitization and business improvement quite successfully.

Owing to its business stability, it has gained the reputation of a reliable business partner focused on the needs of its clients. Keeping in step with new technologies, the company decided to invest in the digitization process. Digital transformation is a process in which the introduction of various digital technologies creates or modifies existing business processes, cultures, and customer expectations in order to meet business goals and market requirements. Nelt, as one of the leaders in innovation in the domestic market of distribution and logistics services, has begun the process of digitization.

Mainstream has a long-standing cooperation with Nelt Group and is recognized as a reliable partner that has supported the company in the following processes:

  • Infrastructure capacity estimate and optimization
  • Feasibility analyses of cloud technology implementation

After the above-mentioned successful projects, the logical next step was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the company’s digital maturity and create a plan for the next period. The conclusion Mainstream and Nelt reached during this analysis was that it was possible to further simplify processes, save time, and increase productivity by introducing adequate changes and through digitization.

How the Nelt Group Project Unfolded

A kick-off meeting was held at which the companies defined organizational units and process areas that would be the focus of the analysis. After that, the steps that followed were:

  • Business analysis (analysis of planned activities, current difficulties, and desired outcomes)
  • Maturity assessment and consultation with experts in the target areas
  • Prioritization of initiatives in cooperation with the client
  • Creating and presenting a digital maturity report with an implementation plan

Mainstream has developed its own methodology for this type of analysis, which is based on Microsoft’s digital transformation methodology and its four pillars:

1.Engage Your Customer — EYC
2.Empower Your Employees — EYE
3.Optimize Your Operations — OYO
4.Transform Your Product — TYP

During the analysis, an assessment of all key business processes was conducted, current problems, as well as the desired state, was identified, and based on that, initiatives were categorized into one of the pillars, and its level of maturity was determined. Maturity assessment scores range from 1 to 5:

  1.  Delay;
  2.  Customization;
  3.  Monitoring;
  4.  Innovation, and
  5.  Leadership.

The entire project was carried out in three phases:
1. Analysis and identification of the space for digitization
2. Grouping of digitization initiatives
3. Prioritization of initiatives and planning further steps

Based on external and internal input as well as the identified levels of maturity and desired areas for future improvement, 80 areas for digital improvement were identified. Based on the identified proposed areas for digital improvement after the analysis with the Strategy and Transformation team, 46 initiatives were selected for further evaluation. As a result of another workshop with the S&T team, consultations with subject matter experts from abroad, and decision-making on the importance of initiatives and ease of their implementation, nine initiatives were identified as key strategic initiatives, while 22 digital initiatives were included in the implementation plan.

After defining the strategy plan, Mainstream continued to support Nelt in the process of further development of the initiatives and identifying reliable partners who could successfully implement the planned digitization and digital transformation projects.

Nelt Group

in numbers

clients in logistics

Impressions of the Cooperation

"Digital maturity significantly affects our competitive advantage across all key business parameters. By comparing the current situation, the desired state, and the existing technological solutions, we have defined the initiatives that will enable us to keep improving it."

Milan Bukorović

CTO, Nelt Group

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